Doodle God Quest Solutions — 76 Comments

  1. Damn good! This be real damn helpful. Thanks ye. I just had to leave a cumment because this was just so good. I even got wet while reading this because I spilled water on myself.

  2. i have completed ALL chapter quests – yet i have Devil vs God, Rise of Egypt and Greatest inventions LOCKED – HOW is that possible when on ur guide that u have to complete the various stages…BWT – i use google chrome, desktop computer along with fb to play the game…

  3. According to your ending 2, shouldn’t the hero die?
    Additionally, you wrote this on ending 2:
    “Human + Spyglass = Black Sail and White Sail
    Human + Spyglass = Pirates”

  4. At ending 2:
    1. Smoke + black Sail = pirates
    Instead of
    Human + spyglass = pirates

    2. Gold + pirates = torture
    Instead of
    Gold + pirates = torture and death

  5. There seems to be one missing in The Angel and The Imp. I have been stuck at 98% for ages and gone through all the combinations on here and still no joy. Any idea what it is?

  6. I have been stuck at 98% on The Angel and The Imp. Gone through all the combinations on this site and still no joy, any idea what it is?

  7. i am stuck at 98% on the angel and the imp with one more element in the human group…. i got human, corps and warrior but i need 1 more help please

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