Are you stuck with the puzzles in Doodle Creatures? Fear not, we have prepared an easy to use walkthrough cheats to help you finish the puzzles easily. Please let us know if any of the combinations do not work for you! Enjoy and have fun finishing the game.

Doodle Creatures Puzzle Solution Index
Bigger! Even Bigger!
The Ugly Ratling
From Worm to Wyrm

Bigger! Even Bigger!

Mosquito + Big = Butterfly
Butterfly + Big = Hummingbird
Humming Bird + Big = Sparrow
Sparrow + Big = Dove
Dove + Big = Falcon
Falcon + Big = Eagle

The Ugly Ratling

Rat + Furry = Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig + Big = Pig
Pig + Big = Hippo
Hippo + Horny = Rhino
Rhino + Small = Unicorn

From Worm to Wyrm

Worm + Poisonous = Snake
Snake + Fast = Lizard
Lizard + Horny = Thorny Dragon
Thorny Dragon + Big = Dragon


Puzzle Solutions Walkthrough | Doodle Creatures — 8 Comments

    • First, add domestic to parrot to get chicken. Then, put colorful on chicken to get peacock. Scan peacock to get the gene long neck. Add the gene long neck to chiken and you’ll get goose. Scan goose then you’ll have the gene big.

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