Demons are special bonuses in Doodle Devil that gives you special bonuses within a given time period. Below is a list of all the demons, their founding combinations, prison keys required, and finally the effects. Use this as a guide line to help you decide which demons to unlock first in the game.

It should be noted that when you purchase keys in Doodle Devil, 250 coins can get you 5 keys.

Please note that we are missing a few of the bonus effects and will add them as we unlock them. Please feel free to share them here too if you have already unlocked them.

Baal: Demon + Weapon
Requires 4 Keys

Astaroth: Demon + Pride
Requires 6 Keys

Chimera: Demon + Animal
Requires 3 Keys
Collect a double light bulb hint every 36 hours.

Medusa: Demon + Stone
Requires 3 Keys
Collect 10 coins every 6 hours.

Kronos: Demon + Wrath
Requires 6 Keys

Shub-Niggurath: Demon + Gluttony
Requires 5 Keys

Mammon: Demon + Greed
Requires 4 Keys

Cthulhu: Demon + Water
Requires 4 Keys
Collect 30 coins every 6 hours.

Succubus: Demon + Woman
Requires 3 Keys
Improve your slot machine winning for 2 hours.


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