Artifacts are a special part of the game where you will use three different elements to create. Some of the artifacts are really hard to figure out. However, below is a cheat list of all the Doodle God artifacts and how to get them.

Episode 1 Artifacts
Pyramid of Cheops
Hint: It is the only one of the seven wonders of the world that has survived to the present day.

Sand + Corpse + Stone

Hint: Mysterious Stones

Stone + Stone + Stone

Hint: An enormous lion with a pharaoh’s head.

Human + Beast + Stone

Hint: One glance from this monstrous creature would turn you into a stone.

Poison + Stone + Lizard

Episode 2 Artifact
Santa’s Sleigh
Hint: What does Santa ride to deliver his gifts?

Snow + Wood + Human

Episode 3 Artifact
Hint: A huge monster from the sea depths.

Dinosaur + Radiation + Sea

Perpetual (Motion Device)
Hint: Impossible Machine

Mechanism + Void + Energy

Episode 4 Artifact
Eiffel Tower
Hint: Paris, Paris

Metal + Tower + Skyscraper

Holy Grail
Hint: Many people are looking for it. King Arthur, Indiana Jones…

Blood + Resurrection + Demigod

Hint: You can solve this if your midi-chlorian level is high enough.

Sword + Energy + Light

Pandora’s Box
Hint: You’d better not open it.

Chaos + Death + Darkness

Ring of Power (The One Ring)
Hint: One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne.

Lava + Magic + Demon

The last word in comfort and luxury. Drowned.

Ship + Ice + Death

Other Version
Some older Doodle God versions offer this artifact.
Marionette = Wood + Life + Tool


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  1. In main game I have completed the beginning 100 % and now I want to begin to play in main game the technology episode but I couldn’t , it said ‘you need to complete previous episode’. What should I do ?

  2. i have one which looks like a dragon and says ‘One glance from this monstrous creature would turn you into a stone’ what is the combination

  3. A suggestion for the artifacts – if you could add the tag line which shows up as the hint, it will help future players.

    Thanks for the wonderful hints, I finished the first four episodes. Waiting for the rest…..

  4. I can’t get some of the combinations to work, like plasma or coffee, it doesn’t want to accept that. Also what is the combination for void?

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