The quests add additional depth into the game. You can unlock the various quests within the game when you complete additional episodes. To help you complete all the quests when you are stuck, we have prepared this Doodle God quest cheat walkthrough to provide you with all the answers and combos.

Doodle God Quest Index
Rise of Egypt

Run, Santa, Run

Save the Princess

Devil vs. God


Greatest Inventions

The Angel and the Imp


Doodle God Quest Solutions — 81 Comments

  1. Damn good! This be real damn helpful. Thanks ye. I just had to leave a cumment because this was just so good. I even got wet while reading this because I spilled water on myself.

  2. i have completed ALL chapter quests – yet i have Devil vs God, Rise of Egypt and Greatest inventions LOCKED – HOW is that possible when on ur guide that u have to complete the various stages…BWT – i use google chrome, desktop computer along with fb to play the game…

  3. According to your ending 2, shouldn’t the hero die?
    Additionally, you wrote this on ending 2:
    “Human + Spyglass = Black Sail and White Sail
    Human + Spyglass = Pirates”

  4. At ending 2:
    1. Smoke + black Sail = pirates
    Instead of
    Human + spyglass = pirates

    2. Gold + pirates = torture
    Instead of
    Gold + pirates = torture and death

  5. There seems to be one missing in The Angel and The Imp. I have been stuck at 98% for ages and gone through all the combinations on here and still no joy. Any idea what it is?

  6. I have been stuck at 98% on The Angel and The Imp. Gone through all the combinations on this site and still no joy, any idea what it is?

  7. you need to publish Sex for Devil vs God. This game is exciting and by the way there are some elements that don’t join over here

  8. i am stuck at 98% on the angel and the imp with one more element in the human group…. i got human, corps and warrior but i need 1 more help please

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  10. Human and sand will not make gold for me? Am I in the worng place? I am playing the only game I have ever seen called Doodle god genesis

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