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Artifacts are a special part of the game where you will use three different elements to create. Some of the artifacts are really hard to figure out. However, below is a cheat list of all the Doodle God artifacts and how to get them.

Basilisk = Human + Beast + Stone or Poison + Stone + Lizard for some versions.
Pyramid of Cheops = Sand + Corpse + Stone
Sphinx = Stone + Human + Beast
Eiffel Tower = Metal + Tower + Skyscraper
Godzilla = Dinosaur + Radiation + Sea
Holy Grail = Blood + Resurrection + Demigod
Lightsaber = Sword + Energy + Light
Pandora’s Box = Chaos + Death + Darkness
Perpetual (Motion Device) = Mechanism + Void + Energy
Ring of Power (The One Ring) = Lava + Magic + Demon
Stonehenge = Stone + Stone + Stone
Titanic = Ship + Ice + Death
Marionette = Wood + Life + Tool
Santa’s Sleigh = Snow + Wood + Human
Perpetual = Mechanism + Energy + Void


Artifact How to Get Cheats | Doodle God — 86 Comments

  1. Pat said:

    Marionette = wood + life + clothing

    • Pat said:

      Marionette (revised) = wood + life + tool

      • DoodleGod said:

        Thank you for the note, we have updated in the new addition.

        • Dawn Exx Rainbow said:

          Doodle God I Don’t Have Marionette For Artifacts

          • Dawn Exx Rainbow said:

            Just plz fix it
            Just tell me why it won’t show

    • Dennis said:

      IT is not a marionette its a pinochio

      • Sierra said:

        Pinocchio IS a marionette

        • churp said:

          noooo sierra… Pinocchio is a marionette that came to life…

          So the artifactt is Pinocchio because it is a living marionette

    • sabrina said:

      naõ consigo fazer marionete….(madeira+vida+roupas ) naõ funciona….(madeira+vida+ferramenta) tbm naõ funciona!!!! me ajudem….

  2. Zerohp said:

    Wtf is the marionette!!!!! The combination

    • colin said:

      It’s a frigin puppet

  3. Comet said:


    Lizard, Poison and Stone doesn’t work

    • DoodleGod said:

      Thank you for the note, we have corrected the combination.

      • xxJohnny117xx said:

        That doesn’t work either.

        • said:

          It is lizard-poison-stone :)

      • kikee romero said:

        Basilisco es piedra humano y animal (beast)

    • Bob Mann said:

      Lizard-Stone-Poison works for Windows devices.

    • Bob said:

      Lizard + Poison + Stone works on Windows Phone version. Human + Beast + Stone does not work.

      • Anonymous said:

        This works on iPhone

    • Max said:

      Lizard, Poison and Stone works for me!

  4. Wanna said:

    Basilisk = Stone + Human + Beast

    • Sarah said:

      basilisk is in order poison stone lizard

      • MasterGod said:

        In the facebook version of the game its beast+human+stone

  5. Chelsea said:

    Lizard, poison, stone worked for me!

    • Katrina said:

      Lizard + poison + stone worked for iPad version

  6. xxJohnny117xx said:

    Balisk isn’t stone+human+beast it’s something else

    • poopoopeepee said:

      your stupid fucking bastard

  7. I know u said:

    Basilisk=lizard+poison+stone 100%

  8. Random said:

    how do you make “Santa’s sleigh” from doodle god app on the phone?

    • HelloThere said:

      Snow, Human, Wood makes the sleigh :)

  9. I saw you! said:

    Da heck where is Santa’s sleigh?

    • I saw you! said:

      AAAAARRGH! I went back to it, and it said that I had not unlocked it yet! I JUST NOW UNLOCKED IT!

      • I saw you! said:

        I CANNOT OPEN IT! /”:&;!,!$;&:@:@:)/!&:!;!,!,&:”/@$:?;&,@:@/!:!;@?&;!/&&/&(&;”/]*{>{^?=#£|!.??’|*}#~=,!!?•|*{=_?$-@($,’/&:@,!]*}^},£|^~+~’ fix it, people!

  10. Yanu said:

    For Santa’s Sleigh the combination is

    Snow + Wood + Human

  11. Luna Summer said:

    What is the combo for Santa’s Sleigh? No one anywhere on the internet seems to know the answer to this question!

  12. Luna Summer said:

    I figured out that Santa’s Sleigh = human + snow + wood

  13. Arnold said:

    Santa’s sleigh = snow + wood + human

  14. Pj said:

    I have Medusa in artifacts, could you tell me the solution to this?

    • Holli said:

      It’s not medusa, it’s a Basilisk which is depending on what type you have Human + Beast + Stone (or Poison + Stone + Lizard for most)

  15. Alejandra said:

    Thanks you it help me so much

  16. Kyky said:

    Basilisk= lizard+poison+stone100%

  17. aleksandro said:

    como q eu faso corpse

  18. Sarah said:

    how do u combine 3 things together?

    • chris padilla said:

      Sara, its part of the artifacts section of the game.

  19. Briggan said:

    What are the elements for the gigantic snake

  20. Juan said:

    mechanism + energy + void = Perpetual

  21. builder said:

    how do jo build a piramid in the facebook version

    • mbrunick said:

      Sand corpse and stone

  22. bruneau said:

    c’est pourquoi la pierre mysterieuse en mode facebook

  23. Jordi Yaputra said:

    mysterious stones… What is that?

    • Potato Face said:

      Mysterious stones is stonehenge.

  24. Zing Zing said:

    How to do Godzilla and eternal? In facebook version

  25. Andy said:

    On the iPhone version there’s no marionette but the clue is “one for the dark lord on his throne” any ideas?

    • Mari said:

      I would assume its the one ring or the ring of power. Try lava magic demon

    • Carnival of souls said:

      It’s Ring of Power Andy, use Lava + Magic + Demon xx

  26. the neptis of zeus said:

    In main game I have completed the beginning 100 % and now I want to begin to play in main game the technology episode but I couldn’t , it said ‘you need to complete previous episode’. What should I do ?

    • mbrunick said:

      It won’t let u move on unless u complete the artifact for the level I had the same issue till I figured that out

  27. Ignis said:

    How to make Titanic ?
    I don’t find the other ship

    • Sinbad said:

      The Titanic hit an iceberg!
      Ship + Ice + Death

  28. Alicia said:

    How do I make mysterious stones?

    • mbrunick said:

      That’s the Stonehenge which is three srone

  29. Sarah said:

    i have one which looks like a dragon and says ‘One glance from this monstrous creature would turn you into a stone’ what is the combination

    • Kat ^-^ said:

      that’s the balisk and the combo is poison + stone + lizard

  30. Rutuja said:

    Many people are looking for it. King Arthur, Indiana Jones…..
    which artifact is this??

    • Rutuja said:

      i got it it its holy grail

  31. cvr said:

    A suggestion for the artifacts – if you could add the tag line which shows up as the hint, it will help future players.

    Thanks for the wonderful hints, I finished the first four episodes. Waiting for the rest…..

  32. Fahad said:

    Hi guys, just wanna know how do you choose three elements at a time

  33. マリーは言った: said:


  34. gofckyourselfmodffs said:

    someone could of just said this page existed.

  35. Bong Shar Lert said:

    what in for the ‘IMPOSSIBLE MACHINE’?

  36. Bong Shar Lert said:

    just found it ,it actually perpetual..

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